The Eldest Daughter Effect

Firstborn Women

Why We Are Who We Are 

An Only Child Until …

… that one fateful day a sibling is born and the only child becomes the eldest. This book reveals how girls respond to being ‘dethroned’. It highlights five big characteristics eldest daughters share, helping these dutiful, responsible firstborn women to become more aware of their strengths – and how to harness them!


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eldest daughter

  • “With The Eldest Daughter Effect, the authors not only created a powerful sense of belonging for a significant group of women, but have also unleashed a sense of community that can self-reflect on its own capacities."

    Tatiana Glad, co-founder of Waterlution
  • "I was amazed to find what a typical eldest daughter I am, and that so much of my attitudes and behaviour are coloured by this factor."

    Lucy McCarraher, author of 10 books
  • “I absolutely fell in love with the book. It's like I was reading something written especially for me about my life!"

    Holly Ruhl, editor at
  • “The Eldest Daughter Effect is a page turner. I couldn' t put it down and raced through it in one go!! Now I want to share the book with all my good friends - who of course are eldest daughters themselves - my walking buddy, my step daughter and many professional colleagues.”

    Marilyn Hamilton, author Integral City